Proposal for work (Template)


Typical template for contractor to include its comprehensive “sales pitch” information and estimated costs to a prospective client/customer for any type of project. Read moreRead more



A proposal is by nature, a contractor’s comprehensive “sales pitch” to describe in detail what it can offer to a prospective client/customer which requires a specific project of any type to be carried out. For example, a typical IT project may be for a new software, system, ERP or CMS solution (as in this contract example) to be proposed, developed, delivered, implemented and later supported.

The proposal may often be one of several received by the client/customer in competition for the same project so the contractor should ensure that its proposal is professional, comprehensive and include (for example) past successful projects (subject to confidentiality), describe how it can meet (and surpass) the client/customer needs and expectations for the improvements that the successful project implementation/results will bring to its business. The contractor should also include its recommended strategy to produce, develop and provide project results within the client/customer’s required timescale. Also important is the contractor’s ability to project manage the whole project through to successful acceptance testing, completion and implementation for the client/customer.

Typically for IT projects, the contractor will include a list of required/recommended software (including bespoke development), system hardware and infrastructure, services, deliverables, documentation, reports, training and post implementation bug fixing, warranty support as well as ongoing support and future enhancement that it can offer